my name is Paola, I compose and produce music, soundtracks and sound design in my home studio in London.  

I make instrumental electronic music under my codename BRAINTAPE and I am currently working on my first EP that will be self-released at some point in the near future.

I like experimenting with sounds, stretching samples to create soundscapes and I listen to all sorts of music as I believe that there might be always something good in every piece of music. 

If you are curious about where the name BRAINTAPE comes from and what means to me I will have to tell you a short story.

Back in the 90s, when I was a kid, I used to record my first compositions at the piano and guitar on a little karaoke system that was basically a two decks cassette tape recorder.


These tapes were atrocius as sometimes you could hear in the background some eurodance tune that was previously recorded on that tape by my brother (yes, I did erase my brother's tapes sometimes, sorry), the karaoke system was just a toy after all. 


The result was absolutely terrible, but I have never stopped recording my "braintapes" using whatever piece of technology I could access.

Before focussing on music production I used to play keyboards with a few bands here in London and in Italy. I am still up for playing in a band by the way, hit me up if you are in London!